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What is Repertoire 2000?

The Repertoire Music Cataloguing System is an easy-to-use program for cataloguing classical music titles. Repertoire 2000 is the latest version designed to run on Windows 95/98/2000 or NT4.

Originally called the Electronic Music Catalogue for Windows (EMCW), the system is in daily use by many publishers, organisations and individuals.

The Repertoire system allows you to quickly and easily display and find any information stored in a Repertoire catalogue. You can save images of composers, and play sounds or CDs directly. You can print titles, or save them to files in a number of formats including HTML for publishing on the Web.

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Included with Repertoire 2000 are over 1500 pre-defined classical composers.

The system also has special tools to enable you to quickly and easily share your Repertoire files with other users.

The system can be used for:

bulletCreating catalogues of printed (sheet) music
bulletCataloguing classical CDs
bulletManaging a classical music library
bulletStorage of classical music samples in computer format.
bulletDistributing Classical catalogues by disk, CD-Rom or the Internet

Registered users of Repertoire may also use the software on a network, and have access to special tools for catalogue distribution. 

The cost of registration for 1 initial user licence is

AUD$100 (approximately US$75/GBP45)

Staff and students of academic institutions and members of participating orchestral associations may receive a discount of 25% of the single-user licence, and users upgrading from EMCW also wualify for a special discount.  Please contact BTMI for details (proof is required).

Any additional user licences accessing the same program may be purchased at:

AUD$30 (approximately US$20/GBP13/) per licence.

There are also a number of special utilities for Repertoire 2000 to enable to to import and export your information in a variety of formats.

Why not download the program and test it for yourself?   The evaluation edition is fully functional apart from a few special features and a few extra registration reminder screens.  To go to the Repertoire download page, CLICK HERE.